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Medical Physiology Lecture

Rodolfo T. Rafael,M.D.

  • Anterior Pituitary

  • Blood Physiology: General Consideration; Plasma; Cellular Elements of the Blood

  • Blood Physiology: Agglutination and Hemolysis

  • Cardiac Physiology: Valve movements; Heart Sounds; Cardiac Cycle

  • Cardiac Physiology: Regulation of Cardiac Function; Cardiac reserve; Cardiac Reserve

  • Control of Posture

  • Digestive System: Digestion in the Stomach; Hunger and Satiety; Nausea and Vomiting

  • Digestive System Digestion in the Small Intestine; Pancreatic Juice and Bile Secretion

  • Memory and Learning

  • Pain, Itch and Tickle Sensations

  • Pancreas

  • Parathyroid Glands and Calcitonin

  • Physiology of Circulation: Blood Flow through the Capillaries; Lymphatic System; Blood Pressure: General Consideration; Arterial Blood Pressure

  • Physiology of Respiration: Exchange and Transport of Respiratory Gases: Respiratory Exchange Ratio

  • Physiology of Respiration: Regulation of Respiration, Physiology of Exercise

  • Physiology of Vision: Functional Anatomy; Basic Principles of Optics; The Eye as an Optical Instrument

  • Physiology of Vision: The Eye as a Sense Organ

  • Renal Physiology: Functional Anatomy of the kidney; Glomerular Filtration

  • Renal Physiology: Tubular Functions in Urine Formation

  • Taste and Smell Sensations


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Amelyn U. Ramos-Rafael, M.D.

  • Adrenal Medulla

  • Basic Principles of Sensation

  • Cardiac Physiology: Functional Anatomy; Excitability and Automaticity of the Heart

  • Cardiac Physiology: Conductivity of the Heart; Contractility of the Heart

  • Cardiac Physiology: Principles of Electrocardiography

  • Cerebral, Splanchnic, & Cutaneous Circulation

  • Circulation:Functional Anatomy and Hemodynamics

  • Digestive System: General Consideration; Digestion in the mouth; Sensation of Thirst

  • Hypothalamo- Hypophyseal Unit

  • Neuromuscular Junction

  • Peripheral Nerve 1

  • Peripheral Nerve 2

  • Physiology of Respiration: Abnormalities Associated with Respiration

  • Pulse Pressure, Venous Pressure, Regulation of the Peripheral Circulation

  • Regulation of Body Temperature

  • Renal Physiology: Renin-Angiotensin- Aldosterone System; Plasma Clearance; Inulin Clearance; PAH Clearance

  • Renal Physiology: Filling of the Urinary Bladder; Micturition; Physiologic Basis of some Renal Function Tests

  • Synapse

  • Thyroid Glands

  • Wakefullness and Sleep


Textbook in Medical Physiology and Pathophysiology Essentials and Clinical Problems

This book is for the student of medical physiology. The book contains clinical problems for preclinical students; just following the preclinical test the clinical students face real life problems at the clinical courses. The book is aimed at easing the transfer to the clinic and act as a refresher for medical doctors.

To the Student
The student is recommended to read this book in the following way. The first time reader of a Chapter is advised to read first of all Highlights The next step is to read only Study Objectives, Definitions and the running text Essentials - Definitions and Highlights are taken from the running text and represent repeated core material. Typically, throughout the book, you will find links to illustrations (Fig.) and equations (Eq.).

After reading the book in this way, it is advisable to deal with the sections Pathophysiology, Equations, and Self-Assessment just before the final examination. Some of the Case Histories in a Chapter present numeric problems.

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Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia
Coronary Artery Disease
Diabetes Mellitus
Erectile Dysfunction
Fatty Liver
Lung Cancer
Metabolic Syndrome
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